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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

EMDR is an approach that has been used for more than a twenty years to treat traumatic experiences.  Developed by 

Dr. Francine Shapiro, it is an approach used internationally 

and has been demonstrated in research studies to be

effective in treating PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  

Dr. Shapiro developed the theory that clients will

move towards healing even the most distressing 

of experiences by gently going towards the 

memories and reprocessing the experiences. I have 

been trained and certified to work with clients using this 

very effective approach. 

We all have some distressing and/or upsetting experiences from our 

past.  Using EMDR, I can help you reprocess those difficult experiences

in order to help you let them go, freeing up that recurring anxious energy.  

Studies have shown that EMDR can help people clear the distressing memories

that were triggering anxiety and panic, and help them heal from emotional 

distress.  I've seen it happen in my practice.

A trained EMDR therapist can help by directing and guiding a client through the past.  We

often hold on to the past, and our bodies react to triggers that bring up those distressing memories.  

When we relive those experiences, even though the trauma may have occurred long ago, anxiety can

result.  Studies have shown that EMDR can help people to heal from emotional distress.  Using EMDR I can

help you remove the obstacles that block your emotional wounds from healing.

In an EMDR reprocessing session, I will help you work through a painful memory, and to explore feelings and thoughts that

the experience brings up.  We work collaborabively and at your own individual pace.  The experience needs to feel safe for you.

​Studies have shown that EMDR is particularly effective for people who have witnessed or been a victim to a tragedy, those suffering from PTSD, and people who suffer from anxiety, chronic pain and depression.  In our initial consultation, you and I will discuss your history and background to determine whether EMDR therapy is appropriate for you.